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Treasure Island at Crich Tramway Village

Notice this Notice set sail for Crich Tramway Village again this Summer with their brand new swashbuckling show perfect for piratey punters young and old. Set sail with young Jim Hawkins for Treasure Island! The crew is ready, the anchor is raised, and the map is in hand, what could possibly go wrong? A rollicking, raucous, rum-soaked adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s much loved story with a healthy dose of eccentric Notice this Notice silliness.

Performances included in museum entrance fee 
30th August -3rd September - Show times to be announced 

Previous Shows

The Most Sensational Comedy of Dick Schwick

Roll up, roll up! Notice this Notice are proud to present ‘The Most Sensational Comedy of Dick Schwick’, an original Victorian comedy for all ages to enjoy! Based on the true story of the female errand boy Lois Schwick, we bring you one of the most remarkable scoops from the press of 1886. There’s fraud, thievery and a good old bit of cross dressing as young ‘Dick’ tries to find her way in the cut throat world of the London textile industry!


"Fast-paced and delightfully ridiculous"   "Rollicking good fun"

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Plain Poster.png

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Prepare for a tale of Wonder, of Adventure, of ........ Alice!!! Well, it's actually rather a lot of nonsense, but it's fun! A rollercoaster of emotion, full of surprises and music. So what are you waiting for, Book your tickets today and come and join the fun!!


Dickens Ghost Stories

"Brand new for 2023, Notice this Notice are proud to present 'Dickens Ghost Stories!' Expect some spooky Victorian tales (with the usual twist of Notice this Notice nonsense) adapted from some of Charles Dickens' chilling short stories, brought to life with all the eccentricity and energy of the great Charlie himself!"

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